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What started out as a physical practice in 2000, has evolved into a way of reconciling the ups and downs of my life. Postures were a great starting point, but I soon craved depth of understanding to get into the subtle layers. Through years of practice, exposure and study, I am now blessed to have an inward-facing practice that brings me great stability and joy to mind, body & mood.

Right from a young age I was a sensitive soul, an empath. On top of that, I had two major life events; one in my teens and again in my early twenties amounting to grief, PTSD, IBS and anxiety. It was in the era of suppressing emotions for fear of showing weakness, so my body silently housed everything until I discovered yoga!

At the start the practice was athletic, giving my body strength and a thin layer of emotions were discarded. However, the deeper wounds remained buried. My thirst for more healing led me to train as a teacher at YogaCampus in London and by 2006 I became a 200hr qualified teacher. Shiva Rea, Rod Stryker, AG Mohan, Scott Blossom, Judith Lasater, Bo Forbes and Leslie Kaminoff have influenced my journey.

Some years on, I modified my practice whilst training in therapeutics and that’s when I was brave enough to unravel the deeply hidden trauma’s. The soft and gentle approach was soothing and set the boundaries to approach the uncomfortable. My body was finally being heard and it was a huge sense of relief and comfort ~ a reunion of the truest sense. Behind the habit of suppressing I could tend to the wounds sensitively using tools and techniques to process the deeper layers. My dedication and devotion paid me back by marrying the physical practice with the spiritual. I felt whole and what once felt dark, was now shining bright. So, from those early traumatic events I have uncovered the richness of life through the lens of yoga.

I’m a Senior Yoga Teacher registered with British Wheel of Yoga & Yoga Alliance Professionals. Above that, I’m also an Advanced Restorative Trainer® and an Integrative Yoga Therapeutics teacher.

As your teacher, I blend more than just the poses on the mat because I believe we desperately need a diverse set of tools to cope with life’s challenges. High on my list would be resilience, boundaries, deep rest, as well as the other familiar benefits of yoga. I teach specific techniques of breathing whilst the moving and working of the body is organised around the breath. Practicing therapeutically means we inquire within through focussed movement, attentive breathing, structural integrity, emotional relief and stillness. With an inquiry led practice, it will feel more like your own and less like you’re being told what to do.

Being calm but measured enables us to practice from a more patient mode to touch base with our boundaries on any given day. Your central nervous system will be soothed leading the way for new health and happiness, whilst remaining present with the inner practice. When your body is comfortable enough to shift it’s attention from the physical, you can be at ease approaching the deeper layers if you wish. Recognising your whole experience on the mat gives potential to support broader inquiry off the mat, aiding authentic serenity for mind, body and mood.

Therapeutic Vinyasa ~ Flowing sequences
Restorative Yoga ~ Nervous system reset
Fascia Release ~ Unlocking tension
Pranayama ~ Attentive breathing
Meditation ~ Stillness practices
Yoga Props ~ Conscious assistance

Retreat with me, come to class or it can be just you and me.

My students say I have a sensitive touch and good awareness for their needs. My calling as a yoga teacher is to help people read their physical and energetic bodies. Yoga should be a whole-istic experience where you draw on life experiences, trust your gut wisdom and personal intellect. I believe yoga is much more than the poses.

Sharing my knowledge

I’ve written articles for popular yoga platforms. Reach out if you’d like me to write an article on a topic that interests you.

“My practice gives me space for connection where I can see, sense and embrace what my body is holding”
Justine Farnworth, Sweetyoga

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