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I started practicing yoga in 2000. It was a new year’s resolution that thankfully stuck! Initially I was seeking help with the pains in my back, neck and shoulders from years of pressure as an Executive Assistant.

Now my practice gives me valuable space for self-work where I can safely look, feel and embrace what my body is holding that my mind cannot express.

From the first class I attended I remember feeling whole, calm and very centered afterwards. I know now that impression was my spirit coming home. My first teacher Gail Smith introduced me to the concept of transformation, by 2004 I was in teaching training with Yogacampus in London and by 2006 I was fully qualified.

My training meant I studied with world teachers like Shiva Rea, Rod Stryker, Judith Lasater, Scott Blossom, AG Mohan and more. More recently, my calling has shifted towards therapeutic applications of yoga and I’m currently studying Integrative Yoga Therapeutics with Bo Forbes. Experience of trauma, stress, illness, suicide, anxiety, grief and depression place me well to teach this style of yoga. I also bolster my expertise with insights gained from a biomechanical osteopath because I like to look beyond the original texts of yoga and apply a real-world approach.

I teach Vinyasa, Yoga Therapeutics, Gentle Yoga and Restorative Yoga. Vinyasa means mindfully flowing through sequences combining movement with breath – using the main muscle groups and connecting with deeper subtleties. Restorative means total body support with no movement – first aid for the nervous system leaving you nourished and well rested.

By exploring and pausing in postures we can view our internal dialogue and bring about a more meditative quality. That way we experience a whole mind-body practice not only growing physical strength but mental resilience too – by releasing old tensions we can oust old beliefs about ourselves. I teach both active and dynamic practices plus passive and restorative classes always tailoring it to the needs of the group or individual. My class atmosphere is one of safety and guidance primarily, then space for students to honour their personal journey becomes second nature as it did in the beginning for me.  By nurturing growth and community, students can embrace the practice and make it their own.

Retreat with me, come to class or have a private lesson.

Refining my own practice and teaching is an ongoing process. My students say I have a sensitive touch and good awareness for their needs. My goal as a yoga teacher is to help people read their physical and energetic bodies. I think yoga should be a holistic experience where you draw on learned knowledge (life experiences) and trust your intellect and intuition. For me yoga is much more than the poses.

Sharing my knowledge

I’ve written articles for popular yoga platforms. Reach out if you’d like me to write an article on a topic that interests you.

“My practice gives me space for connection where I can see, sense and embrace what my body is holding”
Justine Farnworth, Sweetyoga

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