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Online Classes for Everyone

Email: sweetyoga@gmail.com for a link to join

Come and experience a layered approach to yoga that focuses on supportive sequences for your body, mind and mood. You will incrementally build awareness through asana, breathing techniques, tension releasing and guided relaxation.

Each month I introduce a new theme that educates, informs and inspires you to move with sustainable intelligence. There will be dynamic and slow movement to increase flexibility, mobility, bone strength, blood flow and some calming techniques for your nervous system ~ which naturally quieten the mind.

The class is a small community of like-minded people who are really curious about how yoga enriches their lives. With ancient wisdom of yoga as our foundation we update it with findings from science with a view to creating a practice that’s sustainable. I like to think of this as real-life yoga for modern bodies.

I really enjoy Justine’s class. Great teacher, great people and a lovely, welcoming atmosphere.

Justine’s extensive knowledge of anatomy and encouragement to work inwardly, creates a wholesome body-mind connection, giving me motivation and confidence for my personal practice.

What a warm new welcome! Justine is very knowledgeable about anatomy and how the poses can benefit the body and mind. She made me feel safe having asked about injuries. I definitely felt refreshed and look forward to learning more.

What I love most about Justine’s lessons is her unique ability to make me connect to my body at new levels every time. She can definitely point to the path of self understanding and acceptance. How could I not recommend her?

Thanks to Justine’s teachings, I’m able to confidently practice yoga at home and make adjustments to poses to make them more effective.


I look forward all week to yoga with Justine. Good for building physical and mental stamina.


I’ve joined this group recently but from the first session I was amazed at the difference I felt in myself! A really friendly and welcoming group, I can’t recommend highly enough!


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Reach out, ask what you like and come and meet the friendly group.