Tailor Made Retreats

Gather up a group of friends, celebrate a milestone birthday, hold a fun hen party or build a corporate event. For whatever reason you might prefer a yoga retreat tailor-made to your requirements; maybe it fits your schedule better, the format feels more fitting and practices specifically customised and themed. Sweetyoga can design your retreat with the utmost privacy and personalisation, all within your budget.

Tailor-made retreats are a bespoke experience, the ultimate in a private retreat where you can have your comforts and have a breakaway with friends, family or colleagues infused with yoga.

  • A retreat at a time when you want it
  • Set at a location that inspires you
  • A flexible timetable for yoga, activities and relaxation
  • Creating a retreat within your budget
  • Be surrounded by those special to you
  • Practices perfectly fitting your requirements

With many years experience of running our signature retreats, Sweetyoga can confidently tailor the itinerary to suit the needs and desires of your group.

Choose from our hand picked venues or let us find something perfect for you, perhaps a dream retreat overlooking a pristine beach, or in the spaciousness of the mountains or in the hub of a vibrant city.

Perhaps you already know the perfect venue or have a holiday home abroad that fits your design – we can still create a laid-back wellness break and take over the organising and planning.

If you prefer to do the planning but still want yoga – bring me in as and when you want it.


Tell us what, where and when you want it and within what budget.

Retreats can look very different for people – it could be mind, body, mood focus for an upcoming event, it could be deep relaxation and stillness for the exhausted or it could be therapeutic rejuvenation after a challenging time?

Whatever your motivation, Sweetyoga can create a retreat with your needs at the centre of the practices. From this type of information and by answering our emailable questions, together we can draft up an outline to work on.


Meal times are special when everyone comes together and reflects on the day, so why not reinforce that by eating your favourite foods. We can also suggest menus from our summer retreats or pull in a chef to prepare the meals.

Yoga has an approach to diet that is respectful in consumption, nutritious and balanced.

Music you love, sports you play and outings of interest can make the balance of a tailor-made retreat just that bit more special.

If there is something specific we are happy to make it happen.

A retreat that definitely exceeded my expectations. The villa was spacious and stylish, I felt spoilt and I’ve learnt so much about yoga.
Maxine Jennings

I have been on other yoga retreats but this was far superior because of the teaching. Justine made us feel safe, she has a deep and thorough knowledge of how our bodies and our minds/emotions work. The food was fantastic, location great, house spotlessly clean and well equipped.

Kelsey Wulff

Justine is very experienced, she spends time helping and now I have a much better understanding of what my body is capable of! The villa was perfect, the food..wow..it is perfectly balanced, nutritious, gorgeous…It was the perfect place to unwind and recharge my batteries.

Sophie Bergson

Just what I needed but so much more than I expected! Justine is an absolute professional. This was top-notch yoga, indulgence and relaxation – you couldn’t find much better than Sweetyoga.

Emma Deeley
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Terms & Conditions

Once a budget for the retreat is set and the venue is reserved by the party, a percentage is required as a non-refundable deposit for Sweetyoga to organise as per your requirements. If any venue visits are required on top of the organising this cost will be covered by the party and paid upon booking. Full payment is required 45 days prior to the start date. All participants on a Sweetyoga retreat are responsible for their own insurance in the event of cancellation by the venue, teacher (due to sickness or injury), airline, fire, personal accident, loss or death in the family, pregnancy or any other situation that may render you unable to attend.


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