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WEDNESDAY, 10AM GMT : Live streamed Yoga Classes

An interesting mix of breathing, movement and enquiry. You choose how much or little you do, the pace won’t be fast but will be thoughtfully structured, effective and sneakily strong some say! With a focus on your breath you will notice how that influences your movement without unnecessary strain on your body. The practices are intended to leave your body feeling good, your mind less racy and sometimes there will be practical tips on how to take yoga into your life off the mat.

Occasionally classes will be recorded, you will be warned in advance and receive the recording which lasts 7 days.

WEDNESDAY – 10am-11.15am (opens 9.50am)

Therapeutic Flow & Breath Centered



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£8 per class, pay via or request bank details.
If you get great value from my lessons and wish to pay more, know that I am sincerely grateful.

I know when you find your way to one of my yoga classes the reason for arriving is deeply personal. My role as a teacher is to help you fulfill your needs and enhance how you move through all of life’s activities. I teach more than just the poses and like to invite self inquiry through somatics (focusing on experiencing the body from within). This is very effective to calm the nervous system and helpful to heal new or old traumas. If you are new to yoga I would suggest a few private sessions to get you class ready, details of which can be found here.

To assist with your learning I sometimes use 3D anatomy models, pose images and any other props to hand. I have found it a useful way to get the message down into your body. During the class you can use the Zoom chat facility for any questions or give me a wave to catch my attention. With your camera on I am able to give specific instructions if that is what you want. If you miss connecting with other Yogi’s login 10mins before class and share your news from wherever you are. We are a supportive yoga community, doing what we can for one another at this challenging time.

It’s amazing how Justine teaches yoga by Zoom. It’s been a life saver at this weird time.
I very much like Justine’s classes, they start out so gently and then really work the body in such valuable ways.
A gem in these times. Justine’s online classes are a therapeutic experience, mentally and physically.
My weekly calming and grounding oasis. Justine’s teaching inspires a very special inner awareness.

All the benefits of face-to-face but without the hassle of driving anywhere!

Justine’s teaching is powerful and exploratory online as it is in person.
I met Justine on retreat and thanks to Zoom I can take her class even with my busy schedule.
Online works brilliantly, I move about so it gives me freedom to join wherever I am.
Justine’s insights are as adaptive on the mat as they are off and I use those tips most days to stay connected with myself.
The moment I started yoga lessons with Justine I finally came home to myself.


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