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It’s been a dream come true teaching retreats, classes and workshops to so many amazing yogi’s. When I read their words below it gives me goose bumps, but the praise goes both ways. I have witnessed people bravely coming back to themselves and stick with the uncomfortable for a well deserved transformation.

The journey of yoga can be isolating at times but when you’re held within the Sweetyoga community – we all win!

Nurturing both body and soul, Justine shares knowledge and encourages a practise that reflects individual needs. Here is the opportunity to take time out and recalibrate. Practise yoga, have a massage, eat delicious food…maybe even swim in the river!

Sally White
What I most valued was being able to hang up all responsibilities, obligations and even worries for an entire week. That circuit break was just exactly what my over wired and over worked body and mind needed to recalibrate.
Carolyn Harris
We are all built differently and Justine’s advice on poses and how to adapt them to help my arthritic hip has been incredibly valuable.
Kelsey Wulff
As a total beginner in both yoga and meditation, I could not have chosen a more suitable retreat. Justine’s knowledge of the skeletal and muscular system is incredible, creating a class where you not only learn the yoga poses but, how to get the most from the pose for your individual structure.
Andy Smallwood

An insightful retreat with real life *tricks n tips*. Fuelled with fresh tasty food delivered by the attentive duo. Plush top quality accommodation – over and above what you’d expect for the affordable price.

Sean Harwood

A unique retreat experience compared to others. I loved the intimate group, food, accommodation and it’s all such great value. Justine’s specialised yoga and Juliane’s exceptional massage has relieved my stress and sciatica.

Joy Watkins

Arrived emotionally and physically drained; left restored, centred and with a much happier tummy! Nurturing and restoring practices along with tips and new knowledge about practicing in a way that is much kinder to my mind and body.

Emma Roberts

I struggle to find time to get to my yoga classes but Justine shared a plethora of information on how just 10-15mins practices at home are just as beneficial.

Judi Patton

Justine’s instructions are as if she can see right through to your bones! Her approach to yoga is very kind to the body, consequently I’m feeling all serene and restored.

Jane Bowden
Fantastic retreat, Justine is very welcoming and knowledgeable and makes the yoga accessible to all comers regardless of experience and body type. Would recommend it to anyone who is after a proper ‘get away from it all’ week.
Sam Dunn

I have been working with Justine for nearly 15 years, in person when she first set up practice in Portugal, and more recently in her weekly online class since I moved back to the UK. I have worked with many yoga teachers in my life, and I find Justine to have the most enquiring and flexible approach to yoga I have encountered. I always feel the benefit of a class with Justine on every level – physical, emotional and spiritual, as she brings warmth, humour and heart to her teaching as well as great professionalism and dedication.

Pat Mayborne


Justine’s retreat was the most amazing experience! From the yoga sessions that left me feeling rejuvenated and centered, to the mouth watering home made food that satisfied both body and soul, every moment was pure bliss. Justine’s teaching style is truly unique and inspiring, making every class a journey of self-discovery. I’m very grateful for this transformative experience, and I will miss her classes dearly.

Karolina Osak


I first attended a Sweetyoga retreat in 2018 and have returned year on year – with Zoom classes added as another layer of Sweetyoga goodness through 2020-21 and beyond. Four Portugal retreats and planning 2024 already! Justine has a great teaching style, encouraging you to adapt your practice to what is individually right for each student. Her knowledge of anatomy as well as yoga and breath work leads to a great holistic experience. Great yoga teacher and an amazing cook. Individual ensuite rooms offers privacy and the camaraderie with fellow guests is always good, across nationalities and age groups. Even travel is straightforward because you are chaperoned and taken care of. They really have everything covered. I really can’t recommend these retreats more.

Helen Gallon


Justine is an absolutely fantastic yoga teacher and definitely my favourite one so far. The techniques she taught us have become an integral part of my everyday life. The retreat was the best thing I could have done for myself before returning back to my work life. There were so many highlights, one of them being the devine vegetarian food prepared by Justine. The retreat is perfect for those looking for a mindful approach to yoga. I wholeheartedly recommend it. Plus Justine’s husband Giles is an absolute gentleman.

Iwona Poczciarska


What’s unique about this yoga retreat is Justine’s ability to personalise the experience so that you come away with a greater understanding and appreciation of you and your body and how best to nurture your whole self

Carolyn Harris


In 2019 I was looking for an opportunity to learn more about yoga to promote my wellbeing. I found Sweetyoga and have been attending Justine’s retreats and online classes ever since. I’ve already reserved my place for 2024. I have no hesitation in recommending Sweetyoga to anyone who wants to participate in a fulfilling yoga experience led by a qualified and very knowledgeable teacher.

Debbie Fielding


A wonderful, educational and well structured retreat. Quality yoga, good company and delicious food. A retreat to rejuvenate and deepen your practice in a loving and supportive atmosphere. Many thanks to Justine and the sweetyoga crew. Looking forward to the next one!

Bec Friesner


As a total beginner I couldn’t of chosen a more suitable retreat because Justine’s knowledge is incredible. Afternoon dips in the pool were a treat, meaningful chats and plenty of laughter. The cherry on the top of an excellent cake was Justine’s no fuss approach to adjusting the menu to suit my vegan diet. It was a wonderful experience.

Andy Smallwood


Thank you Justine for your warm, gentle and attentive approach to yoga. I had a lovely holiday with you. I wanted to spend some time with myself and this was the perfect holiday to do plus I made some new friends. In my mind I keep going back to Portugal. I see the mountains and feel the sun and a calm and safe feeling fills me up. So thank you for the retreat Justine!

Mari, Finland


Sweetyoga is the best yoga retreat I’ve been on. It is fabulous value for money with two yoga sessions per day in a well rounded, well organised and individually tailored course which focuses on applying practice to everyday life. Justine’s generosity and attention are second to none. The chaperoned transfers meant we could switch off and enjoy being looked after. A true indulgence!

Jane Bousfield

If you are looking for a complete recharge and a mindful therapeutic yoga practice, Justine is for you. She is extremely knowledgeable, caring and understands everyone has individual needs.
Jean Knight

From the moment I arrived the stress and the tension started to leave. I was a bit concerned about ‘keeping up’ and being able to manage the postures but I needn’t have worried, Justine skillfully knows how to help. A wonderful week filled with sunshine, relaxation, laughter and learning, the memories of which will last for a while! Thank you so much Justine.

Emma Osborne
It was a relief Justine taught real yoga rather than a legs bums tums stretch that seems popular in some classes! She found a way of teaching that suited the whole group, she kept us all happy and interested. I also came away with a relaxing sequence that I can use at home. Can’t fault the week at all.
Sarah Hidden
Finally, a retreat that doesn’t charge extra for single occupancy on your room and they get you to the location. This retreat was perfect for increasing my yoga practice with time for relaxing, switching off from life stresses. It really was super and Justine was fantastic, such a wealth of knowledge. I have been on a few retreats before and this is by far the best. I most certainly plan to book again.
Janet Thame
I enjoyed every minute of it and despite coming back into the usual frenetic pace of life I still feel relaxed. I’ve also talked to my mum about us possibly coming together next year and I never go back to the same place twice!
Jacqueline Mitrovic
I really needed relaxation, sunshine, and time to focus on myself. From first contact with Justine via email to the final airport drop-off, everything was perfectly organised. The delicious meals the wonderful yoga, the forest walks, the laughter with new friends…all of this made it a week to remember. See you again, Justine!
Agathe Hackett

With the transfer out of my hands I got to relaxing in no time at all. Justine instructs the classes well and I felt I was given superb attention even in a group. I will deffo sow the seeds for another visit to you next year.

Jeff Pepper


I arrived feeling physically and emotionally exhausted. But I feel blessed to have had this experience with an incredible group. Justine taught a whole new type of yoga and gave us tools to cope with everyday life stressors. I left feeling very much at peace and booked myself in for next year as soon as I got home.

Charlie Hughes


Beautiful setting and peaceful retreat. After day 3 my constant hip pain from sitting at a computer, disappeared! I have since introduced a yoga practice into my daily life using the things I learnt on retreat. My hips remain pain free. It works! Aside from the yoga – Giles and Justine were wonderful hosts and created the most wonderful food each day. No hesitation in recommending this retreat.

Rehana Begum


Thank you for a fantastic week! I thoroughly enjoyed it. I liked the routine you had worked out with the meal times and yoga sessions, with free time in the afternoon. The villa was lovely, and the grounds added to it being very relaxing. It is a lovely unspoilt area. And thank you to Giles for looking after us all so well, too.

Sarah French


Oh I most definitely benefitted from the amazing yoga, beautiful scenery and delicious food. There are definitely insights and yoga sequences I will incorporate into my daily life. Justine had really thought of everything in making us feel welcome and think about self-care which is so important with the frenetic lifestyles we lead. I would highly recommend a yoga retreat in this part of Portugal which has some stunning scenery.

Sejal Vara


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