Retreats in Portugal


Your deposit is non-refundable. The deposit means a room is reserved for you (two deposits for a shared room booking). All travel arrangements to Portugal are your full responsibility and at your own cost. Sweetyoga is not liable for any consequences arising from flight delays or cancellations. It is important all participants read our arrival and departure suggestion times prior to booking. Leaving minimal time to transit Lisbon airport means you are risking the group transfer.

Sweetyoga arranges the group transfer for your convenience at cost and does not profit in any way. Sweetyoga has no affiliations with or any taxi service we use. If you do not make the transfer for any reason we cannot refund the cost as it is not available once booked. A new transfer will be at your own cost but we will assist you with new arrangements wherever possible.

The rooms are allocated on a first come, first served basis. If you have been before and would like a particular room please request this at the time of booking. If you have chosen to share a room with a friend or unknown person of the same sex and for whatever reason you become unhappy with this arrangement, Sweetyoga cannot offer a refund. We will however try to resolve the situation and make a suggestion. After receipt of your non-refundable deposit(s) and 50 days prior to the retreat date, your balance is due. Failure to make this payment within 10 days means your booking is not final and we are within our rights to offer the space to another participant. In the case of a shared room specifically requested, if one of you has to cancel for any reason, the remaining participants booking will revert to the non-shared price.

Any bookings made within 50 days of a retreat date requires full payment. Full payment is required to attend the retreat you are booked on. Once your payments are received we are unable to provide refunds, and for this reason we strongly recommend that you take out travel insurance to cover you in the event of any need to cancel.  Sweetyoga offers a select number of retreats per year and we are under no obligation to transfer your booking to another date or to another person. Any requests outside of our terms will be at our discretion. Our interest is ensuring the retreat goes ahead for the remaining number of participants.

We request anyone finding themselves unable to come on a booked retreat to inform us immediately. You waiver any rights if you do not make contact. If arriving part way through a retreat is possible, this must be agreed with Sweetyoga in advance and a refund for the days unattended is not possible. All participants agree to pay for any losses or damages to the property or contents including all yoga equipment (reasonable wear and tear excluded). On booking you fully comply with any health and safety regulations. Please ensure that you are medically and physically fit and able to use the facilities and participate in the activities. If you have any injuries or illnesses we advise you to seek your Doctor’s consent prior to booking.

Sweetyoga reserves the right to ask you to leave the retreat if we deem your actions or behaviour unacceptable or offensive to others or the property, this includes but is not limited to, being intoxicated, under the influence of drugs, abusive, threatening, racist or inciting acts of violence or damage. If you are unhappy with anything during the retreat, please give us the opportunity to rectify it whilst you are with us. Raising issues on your return means nothing can be resolved.

Sweetyoga reserves the right to cancel a retreat, for which there are not enough bookings, not less than 10 weeks prior to departure. In the event of our cancellation, your deposit and any other payment you may have made to us will be refunded in full, or transferred to an alternative Sweetyoga Retreat of the same year if there is availability. Sweetyoga reserves the right to offer discretionary discounts and this does not affect the status of any guests who have paid the full price and no discount will then become due to them.

Please note that whilst Sweetyoga will do everything possible to adhere to the retreat schedule, some things may be outside of our control, and we therefore reserve the right to make changes if necessary.


In any physical activity there is a risk of injury. Yoga or any other activities taught are no substitute for medical diagnosis and/or treatment. The student assumes the risk of yoga or other activities and releases Justine Farnworth of Sweetyoga from any liability claims.

I (sign below) am participating in classes, workshops or a retreat with Justine Farnworth of Sweetyoga. I am aware of the risks involved with any movements such as asanas, breathing techniques or restorative yoga and Yoga Tune Up therapy balls.

It is my personal responsibility to consult with my doctor regarding my participation. I have no medical conditions that I am aware of which would prevent me from taking part in classes, workshops or a retreat. I assume responsibility for any risk or injury I may sustain as a result of my participation.

I have read the above release and waiver of liability and understand that it is my responsibility to progress at my own pace and level. If I experience any pain or discomfort I will listen to my body, adjust the posture or ask for help. If at any point I feel overexertion, fatigued or dizziness I will respect my body’s limitations and rest before I continue.

My signature verifies that I am physically and mentally fit to participate. If I am pregnant or become pregnant, post-natal, post surgery, my signature verifies that I am participating with my doctor’s full approval. I realise I am participating at my own risk.