The GDPR replaces the 1998 Data Protection Act to ensure your personal and sensitive, confidential data is kept private and held securely. GDPR is there to protect your rights as a consumer of a service or product that might involve your identifiable data, e.g. your name and address or whether you have a specific condition. It also covers any session records, text messages or emails we exchange. I do not share your information with anyone else, it is secured either by passwords or held in locked cabinets.

I collect information about why you are using the service, a small amount of medical information, if any, and a small amount of information about your previous yoga experience and what we discuss and practice together. This information enables me to provide a high quality service to you, ensuring I am equipped with the knowledge of our previous discussions prior to each session. I abide by The Code of Ethics from Yoga Alliance and The British Wheel of Yoga.

Everything we talk about during our sessions are strictly confidential between you and me. To ensure I am doing my job effectively and that I have the right support, I may discuss elements of our sessions with my teacher. During these discussions I do not disclose any details that may identify you to my teacher, and my teacher also adheres to the GDPR.